Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year. The warmer days give way to cooler ones and the even though the trees are starting to make the transition to dormant life, they seem to also show us just how alive they are by putting on a show of colour. Adelaide has an abundance of amazing wedding venues for the Summer months but in Autumn, I believe it's time to head to the Hills.  As a wedding photographer I am always looking for something that stands out and Glen Ewin is one venue that seems to have a lot on offer during Autumn. Glen Ewin Estate is a pristinely maintained venue that is nestled in the Northern side of the Adelaide hills. It presents some amazing photography opportunities at the best of times but Autumn has that little bit more, with stone walls that are covered in red Ivy and Trees that yellow through to gold. With the beautiful Liz, her Boho inspired dress and flower crown, Scott and his ever so dapper suit and all the seasonal show of colours, I knew it would be a celebration that wouldn't disappoint. See for yourself!